(Updated 14 Feb 2013):


• 2 deaths in the first 2 days after the start of protests on Feb 14, 2011 (shotgun) • 24 recorded deaths during the National Safety Status including 5 at custody. • more deaths announced after the lift of the national safety status on 1 June 2011. Two of them were of people injured at the 15/16 March attack. • over 30 deaths since the issuance of BICI report. • 9 children among the killed. • Among causes of deaths: Direct shots / Bullets, torture and beating to death, suffocation with tear gas • The list includes three police men, who according to the Interior Ministry, were affiliated with the government security services and died as a result of being "run over by an unidentified car". The list also includes non-Bahrainis.
Excel Sheet of the same list , check below for more details.

More Photos of persons killed can be found on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=175157505868963)


88 Hussain Ali Ahmed Abrahim, 16 years old, Daih, Date of Death: 14 Feb 2013

Abrahim died of a direct shotgun blast he received from close range.

87 Qassim Habib, 8 years old, Karbabad, Date of death: 26-JAN-2013

Habib died as a result of tear gas suffocation.

Report: BCHR Report

86 Habeeb Ebrahim, 87 years old, Malkiya, Date of death: 12-JAN-2013

Ebrahim died as a result of tear gas suffocation.

Report: BCHR Report

85 Bassil Al-Qattan, 44 years old, Shakhoora, Date of death: 19-Dec-2012

Died as a result of tear gas suffocation.

Report: BCHR Report

84 Ali Radhi, 16 years old, Samaheej, Date of death: 9-Nov-2012

BCHR Report

83 Mahdi Ali Marhoon, 84 years old, Maameer, Date of death: 17-Oct-2012

He was transferred to hospital two months earlier, after suffocating with tear gas. His house in Maameer was targeted with tear gas several times.

Report: Manama Voice
82 Mohammed Mushaima, 22 years old, Date of death: 2-Oct-2012

BCHR Report

81 Ali Hussain Neamah, 17 years old, Saddad, Date of death:28-Sep-2012

BCHR Report

Hussam Al Haddad, 16 years old, Muharraq, Date of death: 17-Aug-2012

BCHR Report

79 Shabeer Mammed, 27 years old, Indian, Date of death: 22-April-2012

He was found dead in his room in Sanad village. Area residents said the houses close to his were attacked with tear gas in the night before. His death is linked to suffocation of tear gas.

78 Salah Abbas Habib, 36 years old, from Bilad Alqadeem, Date of death: 21 April 2012

He was arrested, beaten and shot with birdshots.

BCHR Report

77 Khadija Mohammed Ali, from Ma'ameer, Date of Death:5 April 2012

She Suffered from toxic/tear gas suffocation for 3 months in hospital ICU until her death was announced.

76 Ahmed Ismael Hussain AlSamadi, 22 years old, Salmabad, Date of Death: 31-Mar-2012

Was shot in the right thigh (lower abdomen) by armed civilians.

Report and photos BCHR | RSF | CPJ | UN

75 Ahmed Abdulnabi AbdulRasool, 30 years old, died on 24 March 2012 due to tear gas suffocation as per his family.

Ahmed's sister is having trouble breathing as well due to the excessive use of tear gas by Bahraini security forces almost on a nightly basis. Ahmed's family said that he never had any berthing problems until this past week when he suffocated from tear gas twice. Tear gas was shot directly into their home, window broken. After that Ahmed had trouble breathing and was constantly coughing. When his family insisted he go to the hospital he refused, fearing arrest.

Report: BCHR

74 Abdat Ali AbdulMohsen, in her 40s, from Aali, died on 23 March 2012

she died from tear gas suffocation according to her family. Abda, who is in her 40's, had suffered from breathing difficulties on the 15th of March, and she was taken to the hospital where she stayed for a week. On the 22nd of March her house was tear gassed again, her health deteriorated quickly and she died on the morning of the 23rd of March.

Report: BCHR
73 Sabri Mahfoodh Yousif, 27 years old, Shahrakan, Date of Death: 19-Mar-2012

His family members confirmed to BCHR his death as a result of toxic gas asphyxiation.

Report: BCHR

72 Jaffar Jassem Radhi, 41 years old, Date Of Death: 17-Mar-2012

He died after severe deterioration of his health as a result of excessive tear gas that was shot directly at his house in the previous night 16 March 2012.

Report: BCHR

71 Fadhel AlObaidy, 22 year old, Diraz, Date of Death: 10-Mar-2012

He was shot in the head with a teargas canister on March 1st, 2012 when he was peacfuly protesting. He was announced clinically brain dead on 2nd March at the Bahrain International hospital (private hospital), and he passed away in the early hours of Saturday 10 March 2012. According to eye witnesses, security forces continued to beat, punch and kick Fadhel after he was shot in the head with a teargas canister.

Report: BCHR

70 Sakeena Marhoon, in her 70s, Date of Death: 06-Mar-2012

She died after suffering from side effects of repeated inhalation of toxic gases thrown by security forces inside her house several times in Feb and March 2012.

Report: BCHR

69 Yahya Yousif Ahmed, one month and a half, Date of Death: 05-Mar-2012

He died after suffering from side effects of toxic gas during pregnancy.

Report: BCHR

68 Sayed Jaffar Salman AlAlawi, 75 years old, Shakhora, Date of Death: 2 March 2012

He was beaten severely on 15 Feb 2011 by Bahrain security forces, which left him with head injury and hip injury. He fell in comma and when he woke up he lost his memory and his health deteriorated. He spent the past year in hospital until his death was announced.


67 Habib Kadhim Almulla, 60 years old, Sehal, Date of Death: 29-Feb-2012

He died on morning of Feb 29, 2012 due to teargas suffocation. Last friday, teargas was shot inside his home in Sehla, it broke the window and made him suffocates, and he was moved to to Salmanya hospital. His brother told BCHR that this was not the 1st time that Habib suffocates from the fired gases, but it was the 3rd time.

Report: BCHR

66 Abda Hussain, 68 years old, Sehla, Date of Death: 25-Feb-2012

The cause of death was related to inhaling excessive amounts of tear gas which was filling the village (Sehla) which she lived in.

Report: Alwefaq

65 Rose Nisha Naikarottu Baby Varghese, India, Date of Death: 21-Feb-2012

On 25 January, she entered a coma during an asthma attack that her family says may have been caused by tear gas inhalation. She died on 21 February, a day before she was to be sent home to India for treatment.

Report: gulf daily news

64 Mansoor Salman, 85 years old, Sitra, Date of Death: 18-Feb-2012

Mansoor Salman passed away in the morning due to deterioration of his health as a result of inhalation of toxic gases shot by security forces on 2 Feb 2012. He was transferred to SMC after suffocating with toxic gases and he stayed there until he died yesterday. Mansoor's death due to toxic gases is the last of a series of similar incidents where people dies because of heavy shooting of tear (toxic) gas in residential areas. (Report)

63 Ali Issa Abdulla Alhayeki, 48 years old, Samaheej, Date of Death: 6-Feb-2012

Family confirmed to BCHR that he suffered from suffocation from teargas that was shot in front of his house in Samaheej.

Report BCHR

62 Abdali Ali Mohamed, 58 yrs old, Maamer, Date of dath: 1-Feb-2012

His house often get attacked with tear gas. He was exposed to tear gas on 27 Jan 2012. Admitted to hospital directly where he still until his death was announced.

Report: BCHR

61 Zahra Ali Alhawaj, 69 years old, Noaim, Date of Death: 1-Feb-2012

According to her family she was exposed to tear gas multiple times. The last was on 12 Jan 2012 and her health deteriorated immediately following tear gas inhalation as her home area in Noaim (close to capital Manama) was tear-gassed. She was admitted to hospital ICU in the same night where she stayed without any improvement to her health. She suffered inflammation of the lungs. She didn’t suffer of any illness before. His death was announced on early hours of 1 Feb 2012.

Report: BCHR

60 Saeed Ali Al-Sukari, 65 years old , from Aali, Date of Death: 25-Jan-2012

Family says it's due to excessive tear gas that was thrown in the area the night before. For difficulty of verifying the cause of death, the BCHR demands an independent forensic examination of the deceased.

Report BCHR

59 Abbas Jaffar AlShaikh, 26 years old, from Daih, Date of Death: 25-Jan-2012

Death announced at Salmanyia hospital due to cancer. Abbas is a protester who was injured many times since Feb 14, 2011, including injuries caused by birdshots. Speculations are that because he was increasingly subjected to teargas, that may have sped up the cancer. For difficulty of verifying the cause of death, the BCHR demands an independent forensic examination of the deceased.

Report BCHR

58 Muntadher Saeed Fakhar, 37 years old, from Sanabis, Date of Death: 25-Jan-2012

(Photo) He died under torture in Hoora police station within 24 hours from time of arrest.

Report BCHR

57 Mohamed Ebrahim Yaqoob, 18 years old, from Sitra, Date of Death: 25-Jan-2012

(Photo) , was a victim of run over attempt by police in the afternoon- video then was arrested, few hours later the ministry of interior announced his death.

Report BCHR

56 Mohamed Khamis AlKhunaizi,26 year old, Jidhafs, Date-of-Death: 20-Jan-2012

He vomited after being subjected to excessive teargas, after which he went to sleep. He was found dead by his family a few hours later.

Report and photos BCHR

55 Yaseen Jassim AlAsfoor, 14 year old boy, Maameer/AlEker, Date of Death: 20-Jan-2012

He was taken to the hospital after he was subjected to excessive teargas. His house was shot with three tear gas canisters at the time. He suffers from acute asthma and he was moved to the ICU when his lungs collapsed. Yaseen was in the hospital for 3 weeks before passing away.

Report and photo: BCHR

54 Salma Muhsin, 81 years old, Barbar, Date of Death: 15-Jan-2012

She died from teargas suffocation after a canister was shot into her home.

53 Yousif Ahmed Muwali, 24 years old, Qalali, Date of Death: 13-Jan-2012

Yousif had gone missing five days. When his mother went to the police station to file a missing persons report she was told that Yousif was at the CID and that he was fine. Death was announced by MOI. When the family were finally able to see the body, the uncle reports via the lawyer that there are clear marks of torture on the victims head and neck.

Report: BCHR-1 | BCHR-2

52 Fakhria Jassim AlSakran, 55 year old, Isa Town/Muharraq, Date of Death: 03-Jan-2012

Has been killed after inhaling a lethal does of tear gas.

Report: BCHR

51 Sayed Hashim Say